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The Tribo Test Mate is a unique instrumented state of the art tribometer used for assessing the tribological behavior of lubricants and coolants. The principal of operation consist of drawing or sliding test samples against a stationery counter surface under load and recording the parameters of interest.



  • HMI based machine control
  • Servo controlled drives
  • Constant and variable rate of loading
  • Variable velocities
  • Simultaneous multiple sample testing
  • Boundary and stick slip studies
  • Dedicated data acquisition and software
  • Totally automated and instrumented

Technical Specifications

 Size 1300x1300x1250mm
 Stroke X-Axis 400mm, Y-Axis 300mm, Z-Axis 150mm
 Sliding speed 0.1 to 6000mm/min
 Motorized loading 10000N (Max)
 Frictional Force 500N (max) with a resolution of 1N
 Sample size 100x40x30mm (Max)
 Surface table 450x290x32mm
 Real time data acquisition of friction & co-efficient of friction
 Test mode lubricated
 Test types variable velocity, variable load, constant load & constant velocity.


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