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The Scratch Tester is used to test adhesion of this coatings of flat surfaces, testing is carried out using rock well ‘C’ diamond indenter on a coated test piece to measure the critical loads at which a coating fails.



  • Test can be carried out on coatings, metals, ceramics, composite materials

  • Progressive loadings to determine critical load

  • Constant load to confirm results of inconsistencies in coating properties.

  • Unidirectional & bidirectional sliding

  • Operator defined settings through ‘Magview Software’

  • X axis table speed through servo geared motor

  • Normal load through servo controlled

  • Initial load & final load for progressive loading

  • Data acquisition & digital controls, critical load where chipping occurs, flaking occurs & total failure occurs

  • Sliding speed, normal load, and progressive load digitally controlled through Magview software.

Technical Specifications

Diamond indenter rock wall ‘C’ 0.2 mm tip radius
Normal Load -2N to 200N
Loading Range-5N to 100N/min
Tangential Force-0 to 200N
Stroke -1 to 25mm
Sliding Speed-1mm to 10mm/min


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